Mobile Marketing

Full-service mobile marketing based on the mobile barcode technology

This patented solution allows sending a unique barcode to a mobile phone and using it as an ID of the recipient. The software solution integrates a mobile phone, POS, and CRM platform. The barcode can be received by phones of any model registered with any operator, and the software-hardware platform supports integration with any POS hardware. The solution is used in marketing and e-commerce.

The mobile barcode technology and phone-POS-CRM use cases allow SMS Traffic to offer the following automated solutions:

  • Mobile coupon - a special offer for one or several types of goods which enables consumers to get a bonus (% off, "buy one, get two", free gift with purchase, etc.).
  • Mobile card - a mobile form of a traditional discount or bonus (loyalty) card which enables customers to get discounts according to certain rules (% of amount, fixed price reduction).
  • Gift certificate which allows a client to pay with accumulated bonus points or transfer them to another consumer.
  • Money certificate - an analog to a traditional plastic certificate which can be used to pay for products and services.
  • E-ticket - a ticket with a unique ID number which is sent directly to the subscriber's mobile phone after a remote order and payment.

All of the above-mentioned products have a barcode read by a scanner from the mobile phone screen. This helps avoid errors and long queues at the POS. Unless there are critical speed requirements, the barcode number can be manually entered at the POS terminal. The technology is advantageous to the sender in a way that any of these products give them an instant automated communication channel of one-to-one or one-to-many type. The communications are two-directional - the sender is provided with the purchase history (or empty history) of the recipient together with their mobile number. The barcode makes the identification process comfortable (hidden) to the subscriber.

Our technology allows companies to:

  • Approach each client personally, understand their preferences and needs, thus creating more useful products and services without any surveys or privacy intrusion.
  • Reduce the use of paper and plastic media, simplify the emission procedure, and decrease the amount of transportation required, thus saving natural resources and lowering costs.
  • Offer the e-ticketing and couponing service to clients without Internet access, computer or printer (the majority of Russian consumers).
  • Direct advertising campaigns to the target group which opted it to receive such offers.
  • Cut down expenses by receiving accurate response statistics for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Our technology allows clients of companies to:

  • Save time
  • Demonstrate their preferences
  • Receive offers with real value
  • Avoid being bombarded by ads and receive only targeted offers
  • Recover and use a coupon or card even if it is lost or left at home

Campaigns and services based on short numbers

The service is based on the same unified technology. The subscriber sends an SMS message to a four-digit number and then receives a reply defined by campaign logics. All subscriber messages are sent to the company's personal account in real time and are available for processing and analysis 24 hours a day. By customer request, they can be sent via Internet to their software application, email address, or mobile phone. This technology enables to implement:

  • Stimulating lotteries
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Contests, quizzes
  • Interactive communication with clients
  • And much more

Messages can be received to a short number with added value (used for customer profit) or without added value (at the price of a regular SMS message in the subscriber's rate plan).

We can offer:

  • Fully automated implementation of advertising campaigns from data collection to subscriber notification of the results
  • Simple and fast processing of incoming data
  • Necessary statistics

Package solution for campaign implementation.

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