SMS services, voice messaging and E-mail mailings for insurance companies. Choose the service which you like most or take all of them!

We promote establishing of a closer, two-way communication between insurance companies and insured parties offering them the capabilities of fast and secure information exchange.

We provide insurers with the possibility to unload their call-centers which may receive phone calls from clients 24 hours a day, make communication with their insurance agents faster and more efficient, show care of every client, establish personal contact with each client at the moment when they need it, improve clients knowledge of insurance issues, and accept their gratitude.

Taking advantage of the interactive insurance environment, insured parties, in their turn, have the possibility to quickly receive relevant information, promptly respond to insured situations, save their time, efforts, emotions, and feel more secure.

SMS messages, voice messaging and E-mail mailings from an insurance company:

  • Thanks for policy purchase, information about available SMS services
  • Notifications about the next insurance payment (when the insurance is paid by installments)
  • Notifications about upcoming insurance policy expiration and an offer of its prolongation
  • Reminder of expert examination date
  • Notifications about the status of decisions on insurance compensations
  • Informing about the transfer of insurance compensation to a bank card or the possibility to receive the insurance compensation at a cash desk
  • Providing the client with real-time information on any operations with their insurance policy. This enables the security service of an insurance company to prevent cases of insurance compensation fraud.
  • Notifications about stages of insured event claim or dispute settlements, if there are any
  • Recommendations in unfavorable days: for example, to be careful on the road or avoid driving at all, etc.
  • Notifications about special offers, discounts, promotions
  • SMS support of various discount, bonus, and prize programs (for example, no-accident bonuses), loyalty programs, VIP card service
  • Newsletters including insurance market and legislation news and updates
  • Newsletters including company news: opening of a new sales and service office, introduction of new services, increase of company rating, reliability, etc.
  • Various SMS polls
  • Holiday or birthday greetings

Receiving of messages and requests from clients:

  • Callback service. If the company telephone line is busy or the client calls during off hours, the automated answering machine offers the client to send an SMS. The company identifies the client and calls them back.
  • Policy orders (for example, driver liability insurance policy). Both potential and existing clients can send a request by SMS. After a call-center operator receives the request, they get in touch with the client to discuss certain aspects of insurance, calculate the price of policy, and give necessary consultations.
  • Message about an insured event. The client sends an SMS and received a callback from a call-center operator to specify the location and details of the accident, call an emergency service, give consultations and send an average commissioner.
  • Receiving of messages with clients offers and complaints

It is possible to develop new services to meet custom insurance needs

An insurance company has the possibility to establish personal contact with its clients: a client can be addressed by name, the name of the company can be inserted at the end of each message for easy identification. It is possible to set up voice messaging based on personal client data.

Online information with messaging results is saved in the personal account of the insurance company at our website. This can also include information on all groups. Based on the results, the insurer can quickly adjust its activities, if necessary.

SMS, voice and E-mail communications are a perfect insurance of the company's image which allows being close to your clients when they need it.

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