SMS, E-mail and voice services for car dealers and service centers

We help car dealers and service centers focus on quality, reliability and a wide range of services, turn their service into a well-organized and smooth process. We give them the possibility to establish personal contact with car owners, increase loyalty, find their place in clients' lives. We help car owners receive relevant and useful information when they need it.

Today, SMS, E-mail and voice messages are a fast and convenient way of communication between car dealers and car owners:

  • Alerts about new car lots
  • Notifications about the status of personal car delivery: stage-by-stage notifications about order progress and car location
  • Notifications about the arrival of ordered spare parts
  • Invitations to scheduled maintenance covered by warranty
  • Invitations to seasonal maintenance, tyre fitting
  • Informing about maintenance, repair, technical inspection work completion
  • Messages (for example, to every buyer of the month) with thanks for buying a car and good luck wishes
  • Support of various discount programs, loyalty programs, VIP card service
  • Invitations to test drives of new models
  • Cross-promotion: special SMS campaign of a car brand or brand sponsor (for example, drawing of a tyre set or mountain skiing outfit among Audi owners)

Car dealers and service centers can save time and cut costs for maintenance and help their clients solve various issues:

  • Information about car purchase loan services
  • Information about car insurance
  • Information about about car rental
  • Trade-in information
  • Order and notifications about a desired car put for sale in the needed price category (under the trade-in program)
  • Polling. For example, after a year of operation.
  • Hotline - for questions to management, claims, offers
  • Callback service. If the company telephone line is busy or the client calls during off hours, the automated answering machine offers the client to send an SMS. The company receives the SMS, identifies the client and calls them back (for example, to call emergency repair service or order a tow truck, request a replacement car).

The most popular SMS and voice service applications for maintaining continuous contact with car owners:

  • Notifications about special offers, discounts, marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Company newsletter including news about opening of a new sales office, service center, introduction of new services, etc.
  • Brand newsletter
  • Car industry newsletter
  • Greetings on various occations - holidays and birthday

Every company can add new services to the list according to their clients' needs.

A car dealer or service center can add its name to every sent SMS or put its phone number into voice messages for car owners to easily identify the sender. There is a possibility to address every car owner personally by their name. Hundreds and thousands of such messages can be sent at once in just a few key strokes. Sending of SMS and voice messages can be targeted by client grouping: by car make, vehicle class, year of manufacture, etc. All sent SMS and voice messages are provided with detailed online statistics in the personal account of each car dealer or service center at our website. Thus, adjustments can be made based on the results of every sending.

SMS, E-mail and voice services for aviation

We offer airline companies to implement innovative mobile services for their clients.

The analysis of aviation industry development trends in different countries reveals that mobile services have become an essential part of services offered by airline companies to their passengers. For example, SMS services are used in full by such well-known airline companies as Lufthansa, Finnair, British Airways, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Delta, etc.

Our experience allows implementation and support of the following services:

  • Informing passengers about flight status. This service works both for airline companies and airports.
  • Flight personnel notifications
  • Notification of authorized employees about the operation of life support systems of airline company server equipment
  • Support of various loyalty programs as well as single marketing and promotional campaigns for passengers
  • Cross-promotion: campaigns by flight sponsors

With our help, you will be able to bring the level of customer service closer to international standards, change the current situation in the aviation industry, and stay in line with the world air carriage leaders.

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