SMS, E-mail and voice services for commercial companies and e-commerce

We offer commercial companies a possibility to exchange information with their clients and employees in real time, bring their service to a cutting-edge, mobile level, and get more loyal clients. We provide buyers with a possibility to receive timely and relevant information from sellers, get personal service, and save time.

High-speed SMS messages are a very convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way of communication between a buyer and a seller. This is true for both retail and wholesale commerce as well as for e-commerce where buyers do not meet sellers.

Types of SMS and voice notifications for commercial companies

  • Arrival of necessary products or new lots
  • Order status: order acceptance, payment receipt, transfer to delivery service, date and time of courier arrival, coordination of courier arrival time
  • Stage-by-stage informing of the client about product status and location
  • Discounts for normal and expiring (but not expired!) products
  • Addition of new products or product categories
  • Opening of new sales or service centers
  • Gifts, special offers, discounts, marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Greetings on various holidays and birthday


Campaigns are aimed at the promotion of a product or brand. Campaigns with SMS and voice messaging are a good way to draw prizes, stimulate purchases or repeat purchases, remind about a company, or just entertain the consumers. Various campaigns can be held by a shop for its vendors and even on their behalf to promote a brand. For example, invitation for wine sampling.


  • Support of various discount programs, loyalty programs, information support of discount and club cards
  • Buyer authorization at the website: SMS delivery of login and/or password to new users, forgotten login and/or password recovery

Receiving of SMS messages from buyers:

  • Request for notifications about the arrival of a necessary product if it is out of stock at the moment
  • Regardless of messaging frequency, the buyer can always send a message to your incoming number and receive updated information about active special offers
  • Callback service. If the company telephone line is busy or the client calls during off hours, the automated answering machine offers the client to send an SMS. The company receives the SMS, identifies the client and calls them back to discuss the order. The buyer does not pay for the incoming call.
  • Hotline - for questions to management, claims, offers

SMS polls

For example, SMS polling of client satisfaction with the quality of service. Today, it is the least expensive way of instant polling of targeted audiences of unlimited sizes.

The list of services can be expanded to meet your custom business needs.

A commercial company can add its name to every sent SMS. Thus, the buyer can quickly and easily identify the sender. A sales company has a possibility to address each client personally by their name so that every message would look like personally written. Due to the automated SMS message sending system, hundreds and thousands of personal messages can be sent at once. SMS messages can be different for different groups of buyers depending on the goals of messaging and structure of the client base. The personal account of a commercial company at our website can store data by client groups, as well as full information on messaging results available online. This enables to promptly adjust one's actions, if necessary.

As a rule, satisfied clients always tell their friends about a company they liked. This is the best kind of advertisement.

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