SMS, E-mail and voice services for travel agencies

We bring travel companies closer to their clients. We give travel agencies and their clients a possibility to exchange information when necessary. Clients can promptly receive relevant information. Travel agencies can offer state-of-the-art, user-friendly service, get satisfied, loyal clients, unload their call-centers, and cut costs.

SMS and voice messaging is the most convenient, quick, reliable and cost-effective kind of communication between a travel agency, its clients and employees.

Our experience allows implementation and support of the following services:

  • Order status notifications: sage-by-stage informing of the client about document preparation status
  • Voucher readiness notifications
  • Last-minute deal or tour alerts
  • Notifications about purchased tours, changes in trip/flight schedules
  • Messaging with thanks for purchasing vouchers, wishes of a great holiday
  • Support of various loyalty programs (for example, accumulation of points)
  • Notifications about special offers, discounts, marketing or promotional campaigns of tour operators
  • After-journey polls
  • Callback service. If the agency telephone line is busy or the client calls during off hours, the automated answering machine offers the client to send an SMS. The agency receives the SMS, identifies the client and calls them back.
  • Cross-promotion: special SMS campaign of a tour sponsor (for example, drawing of a mountain skiing outfit between the clients going to a mountain ski resort)
  • Messaging with news of the destination country
  • Travel agency newsletter including news about launching a new direction, opening a new office, etc.
  • Travel industry newletter
  • Greetings on various occations - holidays and birthday

We are ready to offer you custom services to meet your goals and ideas!

Travel agencies can add their name to every sent SMS or put their phone number into voice messages for easy identification by clients. There is a possibility to address each client personally by name so that every message would look as if it were written personally for this client. Due to the automated SMS and voice message sending system and the possibility to store client information in groups, hundreds and thousands of clients can be notified in just a few minutes by only several clicks in the personal customer account at our website. Travel agencies have access to real-time delivery information for every message, so follow-up actions can be taken quickly, if necessary.

At times, we are also tourists and we would like to be served by high-tech travel agencies. To be among these, you just need to become our client!

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